A Good Match

via Photo Challenge: A Good Match

Ben Huberman on the Daily Post challenged his readers to come up with a “good match.” Mine is a bottle arrangement I made in my bedroom. I’m crazy for bottles, and I love colors, so this is a perfect decor statement for me. My OCD kicks in from time-to-time and makes me rearrange the locations of the bottles within the arrangement, but that makes me happy, too.

Here’s how they look:


Can you tell my tastes fall somewhere between Gypsy, Bohemian, dumpster-diving?

I Love Bottles

Maybe you’ve seen the advertisement on television during which Oprah Winfrey looks straight into the camera and says in an impressively sincere and thoroughly dramatic manner:

“I love bread!”

Her point was that if a person is using the Weight Watchers’ diet system, he or she can and may have bread, as Oprah put it:

“Every single day!”

Well, that would certainly make me want to use the WW plan ’cause I certainly love bread too. But what I really want to talk about today is the fact that I really, really love bottles. Maybe this is true because I love to recycle items by using them in a different way than they would normally be used. Could be because they are usually free or can be found in junk stores at very affordable prices.

Whatever the reason, I never met a bottle I didn’t like, as Will Rogers said (only he said he’d never met a man he didn’t like). I have an entire Pinterest page devoted solely to bottles and things that can be done with them.

The project using bottles I want to share with you today is simple, but special, in my opinion. The beauty of it is that it can be done in many different styles and is decorative and utilitarian, all at the same time.


So, I found this wire basket, and since it was forest green, I painted it glossy back, thinking that would make it look a bit more farmhouse/industrial. The bottles were from a crazy purchase my husband made a few years ago – a crate of Mexican lemon seltzer. I’ve used the bottles for party punch, vases, and, yes, sometimes dust-catchers, probably because of their simple shape and their perfect size (the lemon drink – not so much).