My Superpower in the Style of a Fourth Grade Poem



Nobody’s ever asked me before,
And probably won’t again.
But I have a secret power,
Though I’m not sure just where it began.

You could call my power courage, I’m guessing,
But not in the usual way
For I’m pretty afraid of so many things,
And the list increases each day!

No, my courage comes in a different form,
It’s all about thinking, “I can!”
For example, if someone said, “Let’s build a boat!”
I’d say, “Yes, I’m ready, by damn.”

Or if someone asked me to help them
Write a book about how to crochet,
Although I’m just a beginner,
I’d start researching facts right away.

And if something was wrong with the placement
Of the furniture in the den,
Before anyone could stop me
There’d be chairs where the sofa had been.

I’m not bragging, in fact, it’s annoying to some,
Because they might want to decide
If their towels were folded and put away
In the manner that fills me with pride.

But I just have to face it, this is my fate.
I think I can do everything.
Deep down inside, I know that’s not true,
Still, my confidence seems to take wing.

My finished product’s not perfect.
So many times it is not.
But jumping right in and attempting
Is the only superpower I’ve got!


O.K., here’s my situation. I was in Michael’s a week or two ago with my sister. We were having a swell time when I came across some very chunky yarn. Now, I had done my research and knew that chunky yarn, in general, is a little expensive, but this yarn (yes, it was unraveled and the paper holding it together had been ripped off one skein) was only $5.99 each.

I got all excited and, of course, bought it, using my senior discount and all the coupons I had. I bought a few other things, so my coupons were doing double-duty. I put those babies in my cart, took my bag to the car, and whistled all the way home.

I have never worked with chunky yarn before for the reason I have already explained, so I did not know how much of these gargantuan skeins I would need for a throw for my husband, It looked like a lot of yarn to me.

I began my throw (old-timey word for throw – afghan) and reveled at its softness and coziness, making my hubby touch it and pet it every time he passed by me. Was I ever surprised when these two huge balls of yarn produced this finished outcome:


Sooooooooooooooooooooooo, I could try to find this strange-colored, possibly discontinued, probably completely different dye lot yarn online or at Michael’s or at Michael’s online :). Or I could frame this rectangle with another color. Any thoughts?

I’m new at crocheting, but I love it so. I bet I won’t be deceived by the size of bulky yarn skeins again. I will double the amount I think I need. Stay tuned for the solution !

Copy of Cozy.pngfire-605585_1280.jpg