Here We Go!

I have written lots of blogs for other people, but this is the first blog I have written for myself. The Muses’ Emporium is going to include ideas, suggestions, crafts, making, designing, and plenty of other fun stuff. In fact, if we’re not having fun, we’re not going to do it!

Please let me know what you think about our projects and ideas, and please send me anything you think is worth sharing. If you have tried any of the schemes we talk about, please feel free to share your words and pictures.

Remember seeing this window idea on Pinterest a few years ago?

Remember how exciting it was to finally find a place to store all those ideas, favorite things, fashion suggestions, and much, much more in one organized place. If you’re anything like me, finding Pinterest was like Christmas, birthday, and winning the Miss America Pageant all wrapped-up in one riveting package.

So the window idea was one of my first tries, since I had a few old windows laying around. I used Goop, colored gems, old broken glass, and then I grouted the whole pane after the glued pieces dried. They turned out just the way I wanted and are currently hanging in my bedroom, except for the third one. It recently found a home in my son’s new house in New Mexico. Still got some windows and still have the urge to make a few more. I’ll post ’em when I finish.