One day recently, a writing prompt was tossed out using the word “shine.” I have several reasons why I want to riff on that word. First, I had a friend who once told me that I was like the crow character in the outstanding piece of children’s literature, Charlotte’s Web. I took that as a compliment because I knew it was true. I happen to love shiny things. Even though many scientists disagree, too much anecdotal information has been passed around for me to disagree with the ones who seem to know. Crows like shiny things and so do I.

And it does feel a little out of my control.I’m cuckoo over glittery, sparkly things. If it’s shiny, even if it is cheesy, plastic, fake, or a knock off, I am going to choose it, whatever “it” may be. I feel better having gotten that out of my system.

Take, for example, the mirror in my bathroom. I wanted a Mexican silver leaning mirror more than anything I could imagine a few years ago. But, alas, a silver mirror was a little bit above my pay scale. Where did I go? I went to Pinterest, Silly.  And here is what came from that research.




It’s just an old door with a Walmart unframed mirror glued onto it. Then glue is used to sketch out the design. When the glue is dry, aluminum foil is laid over the  designs and smoothed out with fingers or the eraser tip of a pencil. Hooray!

Same sort of thing happened when a friend gave me an old frame the other day. She owns a frame shop and has to replace many old frames. Lucky me, right? So, although I usually I like to make trays from frames, this time I happened to have a $1.00 mirror from the Dollar Tree and thought maybe a shiny, bedazzled mirror was in order. And look what happened! Not finished, but it is shiny.


So, my dear, sweet friends, do not leave any silver, aluminum, glass, or mirror-like objects where I can see them because like that crow, I just might abscond with them.