Bless Your Heart

I love the phrase “Bless Your Heart.” I should since I am from the heart of the South. In my stomping grounds, this saying has several meanings.


Oh, Bless Your Heart Sign with Laurels | 12.5"x12.5" Sign | Hand Lettered | Calligraphy | Wood Sign |  Farmhouse Style Sign

When I was small, my mom would come running to rescue me from some danger, like a too close bumblebee, for example. As she scooped me up in her arms, she would say in the most endearing mother voice, “Bless your heart.” The utterance thereof made everything right in my world.


When I was a teen, my teenage group would bless the hearts of those who did not get invited to the prom, or didn’t get elected cheerleader, or hadn’t gotten their driver’s license yet. It was a half-hearted blessing, to be sure, still, we had heard our mothers say it all our lives so we just carried on the tradition.

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Once I had my two boys, I realized what a convenient and focused refrain these words were. Whenever I watched my children be disappointed or sad, these three words were the only thing I could get out without letting them know my heart had jumped outside of me and was breaking right alongside theirs.

Nowadays, unfortunately, Bless Your Heart, more often than not, is used to cover up the fact that you are either:

  • bored to death
  • judging another person
  • establishing your supremacy
  • being out-and-out mean

Here’s how that goes:

“Miss Atwood, I notice your yard is growing up quite a bit. Bless your heart.”

“Sally, I heard you were not accepted into the Junior League. Bless your heart.”

“He’s as dumb as a stump. Bless his heart.”

I suggest that in this day and time, even you Northerners, Westerners, and Easterners, should start using Bless Your Heart as it was once meant to be used. Whenever you say it is sure it is authentic, such as:

“Oh, Mr. Trump, you’ve done it again. Bless your heart.”art because he got his spring cut today and he is very shy about it.

Remember, it won’t work unless you really, really mean it.

BTW – bless my Petie’s heart because he got his summer cut today, it’s very cold here, and he feels most self-conscious.


Stood still like a statue in the sweater. Did not appreciate the further embarrassment.




Continuing on that same theme I have talked about a few times before…everything I know I learned from Broadway musicals, the first thing that came to mind when I saw this prompt was the musical Bye Bye Birdie. It came out in the sixties, and I was in the cast of the play in high school. Had to get that in, didn’t I? The song in the show that I was reminded of was “Honestly Sincere.”


When Conrad Birdie, the up-and-coming teen pop idol (based unashamedly on Elvis Presley), is asked how he had gotten to the cusp of stardom, he replies that his good fortune has everything to do with his “sincerity.” But, although he was not cognizant of it, his sincerity was inauthentic. It was something that his manager and his public relations guy told him he had to convince his audience he was.

Much like, as I see it, the manner in which certain politicians seem to be navigating the election waters. I’m not up for any discussion about the presidential race, but i will tell you what I see, now that I have stepped into my 60s. I see people who want to lead our country based on what’s in it for them. When they say they want to help their constituents, I think they mean they want to help themselves.

When they say they want to offer equality to all the citizens of this country, I think they really want to make more money for themselves. I know, I know, it’s impossible to see within a person’s heart. But I will say that the actions I observe are making me believe that any concern about a person’s sincerity when it comes to the political arena has been, for want of another word, deleted.

Google says sincere means “free from pretense or deceit; proceeding from genuine feelings.” I have not yet seen this in any of the campaign reporting, candidate speeches, or ever-present news statements concerning the election. It makes me sad.

Maybe at my age people become jaded. Maybe I was too much of a Pollyanna when I was younger. Maybe this is how it always has been. Truth is, this is absolutely the first time  in my life that an election has made me feel afraid. Sorry for the Debby Downer post.